Ellie is a writer, freelance developmental editor, and attorney based in the Southwestern United States who is dedicated to helping authors share their stories. Over the years, Ellie has provided critiques for writers in the query trenches and on submission, and has a particular knack for reading annoyingly fast (Between 800-1200 wpm on average).

Ellie is a member of the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) as well as the SCBWI, and is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

While Ellie is open editing all age categories and genres (except erotica), Ellie’s passion and experience lies with kidlit. Ellie has a soft spot for YA and MG science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Where applicable, Ellie asks for content warnings on the following subjects:

Gender Dysphoria, Animal Death, Sexual Assault, Gore/Body Horror, Unaliving

Disclaimer – I do not provide legal advice as I am not in private practice. My sole role if hired as an editor for your book is as an editor. This means that even if your book includes attorney characters, a discussion of laws, or anything regarding the legal process whatsoever and I make suggestions or edits, or we have a video consult and discuss a fun scene from Legally Blonde—I am not giving you legal advice. I will not generally engage in legal hypotheticals. Any information that I give you is solely in my capacity as an editor. If you do require the assistance of an attorney, please consult an attorney practicing in your jurisdiction.

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Meet the Canine Critique Team! Clary and Cooper have been lending a paw since the beginning, and prefer their payments in scratches, treats, and bones.

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Ellie is dedicated to making Storyteller Editorial a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, ND, and disabled authors.


“I am so grateful to Ellie for her writing and editing support. Her knowledge of fiction writing, kidlit especially, is just incredible. She’s helped me with plot, setting, characterization, story structure, world building, and sentence flow — in my manuscript and my query letter. If you want an editor who will not only help you level up your writing but also be your cheerleader and help you stay on track, hire Ellie”—Keira Niels

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