Pitch or Book Blurb Critique— $10 Est. Turnaround Time— 2-3 days.

This includes two passes of your pitch/blurb.

Need help honing your pitch for a contest? Maybe you want to come up with nontraditional approach for your pitch that works? Send me a copy of your pitch and we’ll work on it together.

Query Critique— $15 Est. Turnaround Time—1 week

This includes two passes of your query.

Getting ready to enter the query trenches? Already in a query quagmire? I will go over query format and address everything from character motivation to stakes. I will not rewrite your query, but, if appropriate, will provide examples of how to address a specific issue.

*you may feel free to send a synopsis to allow me to best help you revise your query, BUT the synopsis will not be critiqued.

Synopsis Critique—$15 Est. Turnaround Time—1 week

Need help getting your synopsis down to one page? Not sure if you’re including the correct information?

I will review your synopsis and identify areas to cut, areas to explore further, discuss word choice, and point out potential story concerns based solely on the synopsis.

Submission Package Critique—$30 Est. Turnaround Time—1 week

This includes an evaluation of your query, synopsis, and first ten pages. I will take a look at the material and let you know what’s working and what’s not (I’ll be asking questions such as: is your word count outside of industry standards, are there potential plot and structural concerns revealed by the synopsis, are you starting at the right spot, does your voice match your age category, etc.). This service includes two passes.

Beta Reader Critique—$1 per standard manuscript page (250 words per page, 12pt Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins.) Est. Turnaround Time—2 weeks

This service includes a 1-5 page edit letter with a basic overview of issues found in your story, including concerns involving character arcs, plot points, world-building, etc. It is a broader and less in depth service than a developmental edit, but will help target big-picture issues, and if requested, I will point you in the direction of craft books that will help you better assess how to approach revisions.

Manuscript Critique— $0.015 per word ($600 for 40k, $900 for 60k, $1200 for 80k) Est. Turnaround Time—3 weeks

This service includes in-line comments in the vein of a critique partner. You choose the scale of critique (1—please, wrap my critiques in positivity | 10—just hit me with my own book, you monster)

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