Developmental Edits

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Developmental Edit: $0.02 per word ($800 for 40k, $1200 for 60k, $1600 for 80k, $2000 for 100k) Est. Turnaround Time— 4 weeks.

Also known as “The Big Picture Edit.” This service includes:

A 5 to 10 page edit letter with a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript’s plots, structure, pacing, themes, character arcs and POVs, world-building, dialogue, and identifying inconsistencies.

In-depth in-line notes within the manuscript (I use Microsoft Office comments and track changes). These notes will provide glows for what’s working and identify specific places where you can implement potential revisions. At the end of each chapter, I will break down any issues I see and offer suggestions to spark changes—I will be asking questions like who will this character’s decisions impact, what information is the reader missing, where is this story heading, when would this plot point prove most effective, how do the rules of the story’s world work, and why isn’t this book published and in my hands yet!

Developmental Edit Plus Consult: Developmental Edit Rate + $50 for a 1 hour video consult

This service includes:

The edit letter and in-line comments as well as a video consult to discuss

*Note: If I see anything (language, tropes, etc.) that I am able to identify as problematic, I will note it and direct you to resources to address it.