Industry Navigation Assistance: $3 per month

Need help finding a specific resource? Just looking for an ally on your publishing journey? Let me be a small part of your support system. I’ll work with you to develop everything from a revision timeline to querying strategy, and happily check in with you on biweekly scheduled intervals and cheer you on.

Positivity Pass: $5 for Query, $5 for Synopsis (1-2 standard pages), $50 for a Full Manuscript Est. Turnaround Time—1 week

Just want a boost? Need all those glows? This service is me providing you with in-line positive comments. It is not as in depth as a developmental edit and solely focuses on your strengths. Think of it as a chance to celebrate your work!

Pinpointing Services—$40 (This service will require that you provide the first ten pages and synopsis. Your pages and synopsis will not be critiqued.) Est. Turnaround Time—2 weeks.

Struggling to find your book’s age category and genre? Or maybe you haven’t been able to find the perfect comps? Then let me help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

We can go through your synopsis and first ten pages and identify what fits your story better.

If it’s comp titles you’re seeking, I will help you track down potential options. I will generate a list of 5-10 titles. These titles will be the same age category as your book, within the same broader genre, and will have been published within the last four years. It is my recommendation that you read the books on the list provided before utilizing any of them as comps.