Video Consults and Book Coaching

Springboard Session with Ellie—$25 for 30 minutes

This service is for anyone who wants to bounce ideas off of another human. Maybe you’re trying to decide what novel to work on next. Or perhaps you are a pantser and you are trying to get out of that corner you wrote yourself into. It could be that you’re just trying to process feedback as you work your way through your revisions. If so, then this is your chance to brainstorm! Come on over and bounce some ideas. Let’s talk things through. In short, if what you need is another human to talk to, then this is the service for you.

Ellie’s Query Bootcamp—$40 for 45 minutes *this consult can be used for a group of up to 10 people

If you loathe writing queries, then this is the service for you! I love queries and if I can make writing a query even the slightest bit more enjoyable for you, then that’s what I want to do. In this bootcamp, we will work together to uncover the individual query writing process that works best for you—even if it’s learning to write them from the middle! We’ll also go over how you can use a query letter outside of querying itself.

First Draft Book Coaching Individual Video Consults—$60 for 60 minutes

Sometimes it’s tough getting started. Maybe the idea has been percolating for a while, but you can’t quite brew up a novel. Maybe it’s word count worries getting in your way. It’s okay. It happens. As a fellow writer, I’ve been there myself. That’s why I’m offering individual video consults to help fellows authors start/continue writing/finish their first draft. During this consult, we can brainstorm, map plot, discuss character arcs and purpose, and even do some individualized writing exercises. Think of it like a troubleshooting session tailored for your needs!

First Draft Book Coaching Package— $150 per month

This package is designed to help authors get that first draft done by the deadline they set. It includes weekly e-mail check ins, writing prompts, biweekly sprint sessions (through Google Chat or a personal Discord server), and two 30 minute video consults. My goal is too keep communication open, your excitement level high, and your words flowing.

Book Coaching Individual Revision Video Consults—$80 for 60 minutes

Trapped in revision purgatory? Let me help you out of the swamps of sadness (apologies to Artax) and I’ll guide you on your own personal revision retreat. Following a review of your synopsis (yes, the first individual session will require a synopsis) we’ll talk through all those problem spots and find a way to combat whatever blocks you may be experiencing. It’s time to find that motivation! (and help you stay away from Twitter or Insta or any other distraction that tempts you away from your book).

Book Coaching Revision Package— $300 for the first month, $100 for each month after.

This package is designed to help authors finish revisions by the deadline they set.

What you can expect:

The first month includes an initial manuscript critique with in-line comments and a 60 minute video consult. Following the consult, there will be weekly e-mail check-ins, Google Doc cheer-alongs, prompts for any stumbling blocks, and an additional 30 minute video consult . My goal is too keep communication open, and help you roll up your sleeves and dig into your amazing story.

Each following month will include the check-ins, cheer-alongs, prompts and one 30 minute consult.

Note: The timeline for this package runs from the initial video consult. I.e. if the consult is scheduled for August 5th, then the first month of this service would conclude September 6th. This initial video consult must be scheduled within a month of receiving the initial manuscript critique.