Video Consults

Springboard Session with Ellie—$20 for 30 minutes

This service is for anyone who is stuck and wants to bounce ideas off of another human. Maybe you’re trying to decide what novel to work on next. Or maybe you are a pantser and you are trying to get out of that corner you wrote yourself into. This is your chance to brainstorm!

Ellie’s Query Bootcamp—$30 for 45 minutes

If you loathe writing queries, then this is the service for you! I love queries, and if I can make writing a query even the slightest bit more enjoyable for you, then that’s what I want to do. In this bootcamp, we will work together to uncover the individual query writing process that works best for you—even if it’s learning to write them from the middle! We’ll also go over how you can use a query letter outside of querying itself.